Making the Case

I began term 3 at school on Monday. While walking to my class, I was stopped in my tracks by something pretty exciting. My school is very small, but we have a hallway leading to all of the studio classes that features a row of built in glass display case units. This case is where only the best student work gets featured to excite potential new students during tours, as well to inspire current students.

My term 2 final project made the case!!!
 I remember my first tour of the school, looking at the drawings and boards displayed in this case and thinking "wow, I could never draw like that...but I want to learn how". Then, when I was accepted to the school, I made it a secret goal of mine to get my work displayed in the case before I graduated. I never would have thought that by term two, my goal would be achieved. So honoured!
If you missed the details of my final project, you can check them out here.
I hope you are all having a lovely week!


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